Personal Information

Gender Male
Date of Birth - Year 1969
Date of Birth - Month 02
Date of Birth - Day 00
Calculated Age
Credit Range Of New Credit 1001 - 3000
Education Completed College
Occupation Clerical / White Collar
Number Of Children 2
Marital Status - Household Married
Home Market Value
Ethnic Code English
Ethnic Group Western European
Religion Protestant
Religion Protestant
Hispanic Country Code
Charitable Donor Y

Hobbies & Interests

Do Not Call Flag Family Pets Animals Personal Finance Career Books Magazines Music Politics Military Religion C Technology Entertainment Art Collectibles Home Improvement Decor Transportation Sewing Crafts Photography Travel Outdoor Recreation Health Exercise Sport Cooking Food Wine Games Lifestyle Automotive

Phone Contact Information

Phone not available.

Address Information

PO BOX 940314

HOUSTON, AK 99694-0314

Zip4 0314
Delivery Point Bar Code 140
Carrier Route B004
Walk Sequence
MSA Code Post Office Box
DO NOT MAIL List - DMA 11260
ZIP4 Record Type
DSF Deliverability Indicator
Home Owner
Marital Status In The Hh Married
Home Owner Renter
Length Of Residence 00
Bank Card Presence In Hh Y
Purchase Price
Most Recent Mortgage Amount
Most Recent Mortgage Loan Type Code
Most Recent Lender Name


Estimated Income 75000 - 99999
Income Estimated Hh 75000 - 99999
Net Worth 100000 - 249999
Number Of Lines Of Credit 3
Assimilation Codes
Apparel Fashion Beauty Y
Investing Y

Credit Cards and Purchase Behavior

Unknown Gender 75Up Mail Order Buyer Mail Order Responder Online Purchasing Indicator Membership Clubs Value Priced General Merchandise Luggage American Express Gold Premium American Express Regular Discover Gold Premium Discover Regular Gasoline Or Retail Card Gold Premium Gasoline Or Retail Card Regular Mastercard Gold Premium Mastercard Regular Visa Gold Premium Visa Regular Bank Card Holder Gas Department Retail Card Holder Travel And Entertainment Card Holder Credit Card Holder Unknown Type Premium Card Holder Upscale Card Holder Credit Card User Credit Card New Issue

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